Target of HiPer project is to generate a completely new product portfolio based on lightweight, sustainable composite materials. These new materials will be suitable for several industrial sectors, such as construction, automotive, transportation, furniture and packaging.

Hiper project generates new material solutions from cellulose.

HiPer is a Business Finland Co-Innovation project coordinated by VTT. In a two-year project, VTT will take the production of new biocomposites to an industrial scale in cooperation with 9 Finnish companies.

The project is expected to generate new material and process solutions that will provide a competitive advantage for the Finnish industry, leading to new and increased business in the international thermoplastic composite markets for Finnish companies.

HiPer workpackages

WP2 and WP3 develop fundamental understanding of the processing of long fibers and development of new formulations to meet the project targets in terms of performance and sustainability.

WP4 focuses on upscaling the processing of long fibers and the new formulations from lab to pilot environment

The technology is further proved in specific application in WP5 where selected applications are demonstrated using the technology and knowhow developed in the project.  

Hiper workpackages

Hiper technology

Innovative technology

VTT is developing a new technology to manufacture thermomouldable composites cost-efficiently. The technology solves major issues regarding the use of various raw materials, enables increasing the content of sustainable materials, and maintains the inherent properties of the fibres (such as strength).

Raw materials

In HiPer, composites containing significant quantities of natural and bio-based components will be demonstrated in laboratory and pilot scale. These raw materials can include natural pulp and man-made cellulosic fibres, and various thermoplastic polymers from various origins.


The composites are lightweight, strong, and sustainable. The targets are to achieve lighter weight by controlling the density of the material, higher strength by optimizing the distribution of materials and by maintaining the reinforcing properties of the fibres. Sustainability is achieved by utilization of innovative processing, lightweight in use, and sustainable raw materials.


Hiper process

Hiper - new innovative materials

The project develops new innovative materials which can be utilized in new innovative products. Through this we want to do our part to improve customer and end-user experience and to reduce the carbon footprint. New composite materials can be utilized extensively in furniture to replace the plastics made from fossil-based raw materials.

Tuomas Mehtiö, Isku

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