HiPer project presented in ExpandFibre website

HiPer project is a part of ExpandFibre Ecosystem that brings together organisations and projects with a joint mission to develop groundbreaking materials, technologies and smart business concepts to meet the growing demand for sustainable bioproducts.

ExpandFibre ecosystem wrote about HiPer project in their website:

” VTT coordinates a collaborative “High Performance Cellulose-based Composites” project (HiPer) as a part of the ExpandFibre ecosystem. The project has an excellent match with the ExpandFibre research themes of Biocomposites and Other fibre products, for instance. The project outcomes aim to replace some of the injection moulding composites, which often involve harsh chemicals such as epoxy. In this two-year project, foam laying technology originally developed for the paper industry is used to produce pulp-based biocomposites. This novel technology enables high production volumes and energy-efficient production. “

Visit the ExpandFibre website and read the full text here: VTT collaborates with companies to develop environmentally friendly and robust biocomposites using novel technology.

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